Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Army Box Review

We thought we had this battle nicely dealt with. We would pushed again the forces of Chaos previous the lookout level, shelled their daemonic engines to molten slag, and even handled that snarling Warpsmith. After which the bottom began to shake, and the smoke-choked clouds turned from gray to black. Round me, my finest males, courageous males every body, started to show heel and run. And off within the distance I noticed why – hulking, big, belching foul smoke and radiating noxious warp power, that factor spewed chaos, fireplace, and heavy battery shells down on us. And I knew then and there: all hope was misplaced. If this sounds just like the sort of state of affairs you wish to inflict in your opponents, then the brand new Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field could also be simply the factor you are searching for. Video games Workshop despatched us a field to take a look at, so learn on for our assessment.

What’s Included In The Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field?

Included within the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field are the next:

  • Sprues to assemble 1x Knight Abominant
  • Sprues to assemble 2x Warfare Canine (w/ a number of variants)
  • Chaos Knight Switch Sheets
  • 112-page restricted version Codex: Chaos Knights (hardcover)
  • Chaos Knights Datacard Set
Contents in the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Army Box. Image: Games Workshop
Contents within the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field. Picture: Video games Workshop

It probably goes with out saying to anybody conversant in Chaos Knights, however these three fashions make up a potent preventing pressure, equaling round 700 factors earlier than including on any particular upgraded weapons, powers, and the like. There’s additionally a ton of customization out there right here, and this new Codex is filled with unimaginable lore and tactical choices for the Knights, which we’ll dive into under.

How Does The Knight Abominant Play In The Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field?

The Knight Abominant included within the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field is a towering behemoth of a unit. First, let’s discuss its endurance. With a whopping 24 wounds and a 3+ save, this mannequin goes to be unimaginable onerous for an opposing military to take down. Plus, it has the Ion Shields capability, which give it a 5+ invulnerable save towards ranged assaults.

Knight Abominants and War Dogs unleash devastation in the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Army Box. Image: Games Workshop
Knight Abominants and Warfare Canine unleash devastation within the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field. Picture: Video games Workshop

The injury it will probably deal out is excessive, as nicely, each at vary and in melee fight. To begin, it has a Diabolous Heavy Stubber, a helpful shot at 36″ vary. However the showstopped for its ranged capabilities is the Knight Abominant’s Volkite Combuster, with 30″ vary, this positively nasty blaster is Heavy 6, Energy 10, -1 Armor Penetration, and offers 3 injury per hit. What’s extra, for every unmodified wound position of 6 you make with this weapon, you deal 3 mortal wounds along with every other injury usually dealt. It is melee weapons are equally nasty, together with it is Electroscourge which rolls three assault rolls for every assault (the mannequin has three complete melee assaults, so 9 cube rolled per thwack with the Electroscourge). In different phrases: that is a completely menace on the battlefield!

Add to all that the truth that the Knight Abominant is a Psyker who can try and manifest two psychic powers in your Psyker section (and try and deny one psychic energy in your opponent’s), and also you’re staring on the center-piece of a military constructed round blunt pressure trauma. And we have not even gotten into the Harbingers of Dread particular capability which this and the Warfare Canine can make the most of, however we’ll dive into that after we discuss in regards to the Codex.

How Do The Warfare Canine Play In The Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field?

The Warfare Canine choices included within the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field are the place you may actually begin to tweak your assault fashion. Whereas the Knight Abominant is superb at doing what it does (i.e. mass destruction and stitching chaos), there’s actually just one construct for it within the field. With the sprues for the 2 Warfare Canine, you have got the choice to assemble certainly one of three totally different Warfare Canine archetypes: the Warfare Canine Karnivore, the Warfare Canine Stalker, and the Warfare Canine Brigand.

L to R: War Dog Brigand and War Dog Karnivore from the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Army Box. Image: Games Workshop
L to R: Warfare Canine Brigand and Warfare Canine Karnivore from the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field. Picture: Video games Workshop

Every of those fashions come barely otherwise geared up, and serve a special function on the battlefield. The Warfare Canine Karnivore, for instance, has a 14″ motion pace and a 2+ weapon talent (versus the opposite two fashions 12″ pace and three+ WS) and is targeted on entering into the center of fight and inflicting chaotic charnel frenzy with melee weapons like its Reaper Chaintalon, which might strike or sweep for differing results. The Warfare Canine Brigand, alternatively, has no melee choices, however its Deamonbreath Spear offers D6 injury on a wound (D6+2 if the goal is inside half vary). The Warfare Canine Stalker splits the distinction, with some heavy ranged firepower and a nasty melee Slaughterclaw.

With 12 wounds every, these items are extraordinarily onerous to take down, and I really like the pliability of those totally different builds. I am going with the long-range Brigand and melee-focused Karnivore, leaving no room in my coronary heart for the wise center floor of the Stalker. 

What’s Included In The Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Codex?

Regardless that this can be a barely smaller tome than different military Codexes we have seen (just like the behemoth Aeldari Codex), it is nonetheless completely filled with helpful materials and interesting lore. The primary 34 pages of the Codex are devoted to mentioned lore, with an outline of how the Chivalric Imperial Knights had been first corrupted, and an in depth breakdown of every of the fell homes of the Chaos Knights. After a dozen or so pages of lushly photographed showcase imagery, the Codex dives into the foundations for operating a Chaos Knights military.

This Relic is for War Dogs in the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Army Box
This Relic is for Warfare Canine within the Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military. Think about how nasty a Warfare Canine Karnivore turns into with this helm!

One of many extra ingenious additions within the guide is the inclusion of Dreaded skills, these are skills that have an effect on enemy fashions or items with a mannequin’s “Dread Vary.” Unaffected by guidelines that have an effect on Aura skills, these Dread skills have a 12″ vary at first of the sport. The Codex additionally covers the assorted Dread Households, and the advantages you get for selecting a selected home. For the strategic Home Lucaris, you may re-roll one hit roll or wound roll when resolving that mannequin’s assaults (amongst different bonuses). For the speed-focused Home Korvax, the potent Rune of Darkness permits them to alter the injury attribute of an assault they failed to avoid wasting on to zero (as soon as per battle spherical). Thematically tied to the very essence of every home, these bonuses are various and virtually all appear extraordinarily helpful.

Now onto the Favour of the Darkish Gods, certainly one of my favourite skills within the guide. Obtainable to Warfare Canine, Abhorrent-Class, and Tyrant-Class fashions in your Chaos Knights military, you primarily pledge your mannequin to one of many Chaos Gods. By doing so, you will select a capability that provides some tactical benefit, and in case you deal sufficient wounds, you will develop into “Favoured” by the Darkish Gods, granting you a good larger boon. Here is one for Tzeentch which I actually like:

Mirror of Fates adds a niche ability until you start spilling blood, and then it really takes off
Mirror of Fates provides a distinct segment capability till you begin spilling blood, after which it actually takes off!

There are additionally incredible Warfare Storm Self-discipline psychic powers in your fashions, relics just like the one pictured on the prime of this part, Campaign Guidelines to take your Chaos Knights down the Eightfold Path To Damnation (what a reputation!), guidelines for the Harbingers of Dread capability (which lets you select varied dreadful results break up between Doom, Despair, and Darkness, these simply emanate out of your unholy chassis), and Datasheets for 5 various kinds of Warfare Canine, the Knight Despoiler, Knight Desecrator, Knight Rampager, Knight Abominant, and Knight Tyrant.

What Are Our Closing Ideas On The Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field?

Although it is more likely to carry a little bit of a excessive price ticket, the truth that you possibly can primarily area a complete Fight Patrol with this field is fairly unimaginable. I really like the look of those fashions, the variation of the totally different Warfare Canine builds, and simply how in-depth the Chaos Knights Codex will get. We barely scratched the floor right here masking it! I believe that is a kind of massive field units that actually wows with what it brings to the desk, and you will have all the pieces that you must area a really nasty pressure right here.

Ought to I Purchase The Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field?

Whether or not you are seeking to get into Chaos Knights and you do not have the rest Chaos-related, otherwise you’re a long-term devotee to the Darkish Gods, this field will provide an unimaginable sturdy and surprisingly versatile core to any Chaos Knights military. In case you’re searching for a extra reasonably priced military starter, or do not wish to play with simply three fashions out the field, you might want to have a look at different entries from Video games Workshop.

Wish to find out how the “good guys” (massive air quotes on that time period) deal with their big mechs? Try our Preview of the upcoming Imperial Knights Codex, which additionally goes up for preorder this weekend.

The Warhammer 40K Chaos Knights Military Field used within the creation of this assessment was supplied by Video games Workshop. 

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