Sharper Image VR Headset Reviews And Problems

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What is a Sharper Image VR Headset? Do you know the problems of using a Sharper Image VR Headset? This article will be discussing all you need to know about the Sharper Image Headset Reviews And Problems.

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The virtual reality headset, or VR headset for short, is a special type of display device that immerses the viewer into a new world by placing them in an alternate reality.

It was first developed and has since then, become a sophisticated tool to help people with many different types of handicaps so they can have more life experiences than they normally would be able to.

The visual experience has been enhanced through the integration of virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or Sony’s PlayStation VR.

A new way to view content and live events is needed. Smartphone users, who are increasingly attached to their mobile devices and social media, have an opportunity to be part of this new way by using virtual reality headsets such as the Sharper Image VR Headset.

Before going into the Sharper Image VR Headset Reviews And Problems, let us have a little knowledge of what the Sharper Image VR Headset is all about.

What is the Sharper Image VR Headset?

The Sharper Image VR Headset is a pair of goggles that you wear over your head which will transport you instantly into an alternate reality where you can explore numerous worlds with various forms of entertainment like games, movie viewing and travel experiences.

It has a handheld remote control that you can use to navigate the world you are in and also can be used to change the settings of your video and audio.

The goggles have a tilting function which helps to keep them securely on the head during intense action. Also, it will not slip off the head while you are in motion.

The goggles are comfortable and offer a great experience compared to the virtual reality technology used today. It is one of the best virtual reality headsets available in the market today.

The new generation of a headset is a more streamlined and stylish design. The difference between this and traditional headsets is that it does not have a display screen but rather uses stereoscopic 3D function without glasses with an OLED panel that generates 3D images through light to generate an immersive experience

You can launch apps or browse the internet with its remote control or use buttons which are located on the top of each handle.

a black color Sharper Image VR Headset

The Sharper Image VR Headset Reviews And Problems

There are many reviews of the Sharper Image VR headset which will be discussed in this section.

Many users think that although it is a fantastic idea and has some really unique features, they think they should have spent their money on something else instead.

The headset works fine when you are in a room by itself, but when you want to use it, you get a screen that covers most of your field of vision and it makes it difficult to see.

It is also very expensive and with these kinds of high amounts of money being spent on one product, some people might as well spend it on something else which is already out there for much less money.

The Sharper Image VR Headset Reviews And Problems describes several aspects of the product such as its features and specifications, reviews of people who have used it, as well as previous problems that users have encountered while using this virtual reality headset.

It emphasizes on problems users encountered with the product such as its size, how easy it is to use and set time.

Some people have reported finding microfreckles on their faces after using the Sharper Image VR Headset for extended periods of time. Others have reported that the device does not fit their face properly, making for an uncomfortable experience. However, many users have praised its quality and function.

The problemed regarding the Sharper Image VR Headset is the Bluetooth interference from other devices such as cell phones or headphones, poor or no video quality and lenses that seem to distort images rather than allow the user to see into 3D.

Also, in many reviews, the controllers do not work for many users. Although the headband does adjust to fit different sizes and shapes of heads, some users have complained that the straps are too uncomfortable and cause headaches.

What are the specifications of a Sharper Image VR Headset?

The Sharper Image VR headset is made up of a pair of goggles, harness and a controller.

The helmet holds the head in position and also helps to keep them on your head during intense action. The goggles can be adjusted to fit any user’s face and the strap is adjusted according to the size of the user’s head.

The controller comes with all the features you need to navigate the world you are in and also can be used for changing the settings of your video or audio. You can experience the virtual reality with any compatible smartphone, where you can play games, watch movies and explore other places with the help of a remote control.

The specs of the Sharper Image VR Headset are:

  1. The headset has a square black box with a blinking green light on it.
  2. The goggles have two buttons on each side for easy navigation, two dials on top for easy self-navigation, an LCD screen that has mostly all the options you need and an adjustable elastic headband.
  3. The headset comes with 8 inch adjustable lenses which can be adjusted according to the closer that you want them.
  4. The goggles have a powerful battery power system attached to it that allows you to use the headset for hours on end. You will, however, need a charger in order to recharge it when needed.
  5. The headset comes with built-in headphones and a powerful sound system that allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations while you are navigating the different areas in your videos or listening to music.


The Sharper Image VR Headset Reviews And Problems will give you more information on the specifications of this product, as well as the complaints that users have had regarding it.
It is a great product that lets you immerse yourself in an alternate world and experience many different things while at the same time experiencing them easily and simply.

The Sharper Image VR Headset is ideal for those who do not want or cannot afford the expensive headsets.

It has a decent design and provides a dependable service for its users. However, this particular headset does have its shortcomings such as being somewhat uncomfortable to wear after using it for long periods of time, lack of support from some controllers, etc.

Also, make sure to check out some other virtual reality headsets with reviews on them before making your final decision on which one to buy. Virtual reality headsets are becoming more available nowadays, but they are still very expensive and will not be used by everyone.

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